Sunday, 10 June 2007

wave goodbye to Waterloo

Jonny's posted a fun farewell photo of CMS folk here and a lovely tribute on his blog to friends leaving . Thanks for the grace prayer Jonny.

and then there's my silent movie - slide show really - of our last Waterloo drinks the following day in the Camel and Artichoke, Lower Marsh ...

It's a strange time, as a long and enriching phase of my life draws to a close. As CMS moves and restructures, and wonderful people leave, it feels disturbing. But at the same time as I'm leaving, valued friends are staying, new delightful people are joining - and the vitality of the community with its collective gifts, aspirations and anticipation encourages me too. My thanks to the people I've travelled with.

It's been a dream-like experience to be 'carried' on the love and prayer of faithful friends while the future remains unknown - and that includes old friends and colleagues who've phoned out of the blue to say "I've heard ..." and to ask how things are going.

Back in November as I began to realise what was coming, I felt moved to make the welcome message on my mobile a reminder to myself "the jar won't run out" (1 Kings 17.14). This promise was also in the bible readings in the Anglican church today, just two days before my CMS employment actually finishes.

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