Friday, 13 August 2010

Bobby and Vicar

For me there's one thing missing from the bits of commentary I've heard on BBB2's 'Rev' programme. First, thanks to Judith Ley and guests for an informative look at it on her Manx Radio show last Sunday morning. Some non-clergy friends of mine were perplexed by the extreme picture portrayed in the sixth episode but in spite of that, as Judith's guests say, the overall story is true to life. John Coldwell, Marc Wolverson, Mary Railton-Crowder and Gareth Moore, all see the power of the calling to this particular walk of life.

The powerful bit that no-one's mentioned is the way in which the bobby (Policeman Lloyd played by Javone Prince?) delivered the telling 'call' to Adam, like the quiet voice of God, to minister to the dying woman in need. It's not just 'God and me' in our Christian life ... but God delivers messages, advice and challenge to us through all kinds of people, often seemingly unlikely, who usually aren't even aware that they are doing it.

Thanks to Javone Prince for his subtle performance, as his character unwittingly 'ministered' to the floundering vicar.