Friday, 13 August 2010

Bobby and Vicar

For me there's one thing missing from the bits of commentary I've heard on BBB2's 'Rev' programme. First, thanks to Judith Ley and guests for an informative look at it on her Manx Radio show last Sunday morning. Some non-clergy friends of mine were perplexed by the extreme picture portrayed in the sixth episode but in spite of that, as Judith's guests say, the overall story is true to life. John Coldwell, Marc Wolverson, Mary Railton-Crowder and Gareth Moore, all see the power of the calling to this particular walk of life.

The powerful bit that no-one's mentioned is the way in which the bobby (Policeman Lloyd played by Javone Prince?) delivered the telling 'call' to Adam, like the quiet voice of God, to minister to the dying woman in need. It's not just 'God and me' in our Christian life ... but God delivers messages, advice and challenge to us through all kinds of people, often seemingly unlikely, who usually aren't even aware that they are doing it.

Thanks to Javone Prince for his subtle performance, as his character unwittingly 'ministered' to the floundering vicar.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How to hide Jesus

This poem by Steve Turner (on ReJesus) sums it up brilliantly ...

Saturday, 9 January 2010

next 365 days ~ and NOW as well ...

Southern Sudan has a referendum next year, 2011, on unity or independence ~ and it's no secret that the 12 months leading up to this will be tense and very dangerous, as highlighted in the Sudan365 movement.

This almost puts into the shade the national elections due April this year, 2010, which are no less important.

Please remember all concerned, especially my friend Enock Tombe. He has been seconded from his post as Provincial Secretary for the Episcopal Church of Sudan, to be leader of a High Committee for Elections for Eastern Equatoria, one of 25 states in the Sudan.

Life must be very demanding for people like Enock and their families right now.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

short, sharp, and right on the point

A clear message from ffinlo costain about myths and facts of carbon offsetting ...

PR grief

There's a story on the wires that three clergymen have 'openly condemned' a new video game about violence and the occult.

At least some of this report on the three clergy's response is fictitious ....

A senior colleague of mine was asked his view by a ‘journalist’ who telephoned; he declined to comment, and he referred her to people in other parts of the Church of England with knowledge of the occult. So his alleged criticism of the game must therefore be a figment of her (or someone else’s) imagination.

It subsequently turned out that the "journalist" is associated in some way with the PR company promoting the game ~ who are now publishing a carefully-phrased statement by a spokesman of the video company, "responding" to the clergy and slagging off 'religious people' (meaning the church).

Certainly my colleague didn’t make the criticism ascribed to him. Perhaps the video company spokesman never said what he’s quoted as saying either.

It’s all just good PR … isn’t it?

My personal view is that this is carefully constructed, dishonest and manipulative and it's a model of disreputable practice.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Gin and chants

Sooo busy having a wonderful new life working with people in the churches of Sodor and Man that I haven't done any posts for months.

But I so enjoyed this comment on Dave Walker's Church Times blog (from Stefan, on 3 September) that it was worth breaking the silence ....

Monday, 15 June 2009

virtual dioceses

Just as I was coming to the end of a trawl through diocesan websites - and any good examples I could find - the CofE mission team have a link to a much more thorough and helpful job of it already done by David Keen!

(I'd love to know whether his title's a deliberate pun .... )