Friday, 14 March 2008

but it's not the bars and pubs that binge!

Well I don't think bars and pubs are innocent ~ it's been horrific the way happy hours have developed agressive marketing to make people drink more than they ever need. But people get tanked up even before they go out and it's they who are choosing to get wasted. (I think of that literally; in young people's vocabulary 'getting wasted' is a favoured recreation.)

But it seems so obvious that the responsibility for personal choice lies with each one personally. So I'd say Peter Mahaffey makes the best suggestion yet - to fine drunks £100 on the spot - and I can't understand the response of the Government or Alcohol Concern.

Plastic surgeon Peter Mahaffey told the British Medical Journal police should carry breathalysers and fine those three times over the drink-drive limit. The Bedford Hospital medic said his suggestion came after seeing patients injured in drunken fights and disorder.

The government rejected the idea, saying the police already had the ability to deal with problem drinking.

And an Alcohol Concern spokesman added: "We would not support this. There are already laws in place to tackle drunken behaviour. We think the government would be much better to force bars and clubs not to serve people when they have had enough."

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