Tuesday, 15 January 2008

try some hope

fresh hope

and from Jude Simpson's broken open


Jesus came for the insane,
the unfulfilled,
the searching,
the street child the tramp and the urchin
the poor little rich girl snorting coke and cursing,
and the man who sold it to her

Jesus came for those nursing a need,
nursing a drink,
out of control,
on the brink,
falling overboard and about to,
sobbing at the kitchen sink

Jesus came for those the world drives mad,
for the bad,
yes the bad

He's not interested in courting the sorted
He came to fill the cup of the thirsty,
the worst,
the broken and the burst open

Jesus came for the sick,
the cracked up,
the packed up

Jesus came for those left behind,
for the cheats and the cheated,
the ones who crossed the line

for the broken to open
to break for those who choke

for the ones who know we need hope

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