Monday, 5 November 2007

West Papua's pain and tears

Among our church members are two families from West Papua. Their hearts are very much back home because the people of West Papua are illegally occupied by Indonesia and are being systematically brutalised. It's not something we hear much about in Britain.

Yesterday Benny told me that one of his people back home had been tortured and killed on Thursday night.

I found this picture on a West Papuan news site which brings it home.

Rudi Pagawak’s body at the Papua Provincial hospital morgue in Dok II Jayapura.
He is the victim who was tortured to death by an Indonesian soldier in Lereh district last Thursday evening.
Seems he was knocked around the head by the irritable soldier and then 'dunked under water' in a pond for 15 minutes.

[And here's the Free West Papua website
which carried the story translated into English.]

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samoxen said...

Thank you dear Gill for your prayers and love for the West Papuan people -- here in Oxford and back home in West Papua.

We are crying out for help from the depths of our hearts. What happened to our Brother Rudi last week is yet another example of the terrible cruelty of the Indonesian occupying forces.

We need everyone to tell the World what is happening in West Papua -- and to say "enough is enough".

And we have a strong hope that one day our People will know Freedom, Justice & Peace.

God Bless you.


Free West Papua Campaign, Ocford, UK