Wednesday, 18 April 2007

back from the heat

The two weeks in Uganda were refreshing and far from dull, and the day after the wedding we were relaxing on the verandah of Sam and Abby's new home.

Over Easter weekend I had enjoyed a tranquil sunrise over Lake Victoria as the fishermen finished their night's labours

and there were warm reunions with many friends and their children ~ like the Atims ...

and the Owinos, for Sharon's birthday party

There were conversations throughout, at every level, about the threatened sell-off of part of Mabira (rain)Forest to a sugar corporation that wants more sugar cane production. At the top the government seems to agree the plan but it's opposed from many directions and a peaceful, legal demonstration was organised - but there were also riots, injury and deaths.

BBC News and the Ugandan newspaper "New Vision" online carry reports.

"The Monitor" doesn't seem to be online just now.

It's a messy, sorry, struggle at the moment while interest in money and power keeps the upper hand.

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