Tuesday, 3 April 2007

bad times with BonPrix

I seem to be stuck with BonPrix. Anyone else bought from them?

Order clothes in January (for a wedding on 14 April) and pay online by Visa - the money left my Visa account on 23 January.

No clothes reached me by 22 February. They couldn't refund because "they had no way of knowing that I hadn't received the order". They found the order back in the warehouse and delivered 28 February.

Once delivered I sadly found many items didn't fit. I kept a suit, a bag, and a dress, and arranged to return the rest.

Waited in a whole day 2 March and no-one came. Phoned and was advised I could post them and get the cost refunded.

28 March no refund received yet. Phoned and explained I'm about to go on holiday and want the money back. Was advised it will be arranged by Monday 2 April.

3 April £19 refund appears in Visa account - out of £117. Phone again and I'm told they are paying the balance by cheque because I paid by cheque. Apparently it's true because their system says so. At the same moment I'm looking at my internet banking which tells me all the payment went from my Visa account. Their cheque will take another few days to reach me and then even more days to clear so No, I'm not willing to wait for the cheque to arrive and send it back to ask you to put it into my Visa account. Why don't I believe I'll get a happy outcome today?

[The recurring answers are "we can't do that because the head office is in France" and "well that's what the system tells me" and "it takes 48 hours to get something dealt with through head office".]

What I really really want is for BonPrix to take an honest look at what they're doing and do something better.

BonPrix - appalling service

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eshop600 said...

I have people buying from bon prix all the time, none have left bad feedback.