Monday, 19 March 2007

life this weekend

couple I'm close to moved into the home they've longed for ..
friend's old frail mother died ..
teenager died on the street ..
garage cancelled arrangement for collecting car for service on Monday ..
ate with friends, laughing, sharing the story of St Patrick, making paper boats and sailing them on a miniature sea ..
neighbour very unwell with awful bronchial problems ..
friend distressingly poorly in psychiatric hospital ..
three teenage girls spoke in church to explain how they'd slept out in our churchyard to show concern for homeless people and raise awareness and money for the Gatehouse ..
couple I'm close to off to their holiday house for two weeks ..
hugged friend who wept at memory of lost daughter ..
removed monster ivy that's been destroying back garden wall ..
battled with vicious brambles ..
cleaned up smelly old offerings left around fence by neighbour's dog ..
found ivy interwoven with copper piping ..

wind and snow were forecast ..
hail and wind came, and sun shone for hours too ..
finished ivy removal and celebrated with coffee and Irish cream ..

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