Wednesday, 17 January 2007


As I was working last night on possible dance motifs for the next Parish Nursing Ministries Symposium, there was a loud crashing noise and breaking glass.

Had a picture fallen off the wall? No - the sound of impact was too distinct - it was definitely the front door ...

.. an unexpected visitor had done a remodelling job.

The baseball bat (the likely cause of damage) sculpted a passable dove shape.

Thank God for the police who came round - though there was little they could do about catching anyone - and for my kind neighbour David, who gave me a large board to fill the gap and gave his time to fix it.

Glamorous it isn't ... But thanks David!

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set captives free ~ Paul & Barny ~ traffik stop said...


so sorry this has happened to you, Gill.

And so much is happening to unsettle a sense of place in terms of CMS.

This seems a hard gesture in several senses.