Saturday, 27 January 2007

Holy Ground in Oxford

From Tuesday to Friday in Oxford you can experience Paul Hobb's beautiful and stirring art installation "Holy Ground". It's in Wesley Memorial Church in Oxford this week as part of the Chaplains' Mission to the University of Oxford 2007. (Mark Berry had a very fruitful weekend last March with Paul Hobb's installation in Telford shopping centre. See below.)

Originally uploaded by Mark Berry.

If you like to have your spiritual thoughts provoked, see if you can get to Wesley Memorial Church this week. Allow yourself thirty minutes at Holy Ground to soak it up.

Margot Hodson, Chaplain at Jesus, tells me "We are gathering round it for morning prayer. It should be open all through the day and then it will be open again at 10pm after the John Sentamu meetings."

The theme of the mission week is Jesus Christ Suffering and Glory - and the keynote speaker is The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu. (The theme doesn't really seem to go with the shoes [left] does it ...)

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