Saturday, 23 December 2006

real Christmas flavour

[At last! Wanted to post this yesterday and have been trying to get internet connection for 26 hours; so here it is at 23.40 on Christmas Eve, 24 December.]

It was a tonic talking to my sister this afternoon, to hear her say something to the effect that she's "icing the cake, bringing in the tree, getting down the lights (from the loft?), (and something else I've forgotten) - and all that before going for Christmas drinks with Noel". That sounds like Christmas!

My afternoon was about going back to the computer shop to return the modem I didn't need - but this evening I can enjoy finishing the gift wrapping and messages.

wrap up well
And then I read the letter from friends in Beirut, working with All Saints Cathedral, and I'm reminded that it's good to celebrate, but it's not only about whether I'm putting up decorations or stuffing turkey ...
It is difficult to get into the “Christmas spirit” – but in another way it evokes the chaos and uncertainty of that first Christmas! With the economy so badly affected, it is definitely not a consumerist Christmas, but a time to focus on the deeper comfort and Joy of the season: EMMANUEL, God with us!

and their letter finishes with
zest pretty sweet comfort

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