Thursday, 21 December 2006

action at paul and barny's

When friend Colin dropped by yesterday after an appointment in Oxford, he told me about the enthusiasm and dynamism in his church in Birmingham (Oldbury) that's being expressed through a shared blog. The church is Paul and Barny's, and they've got an all-age common cause - to take action against modern day slavery and the trafficking of human beings for exploitation. So their blog is called stop the traffik ~ set the captives free, and it seems to act as their meeting place and joint notebook for getting things to happen. I think I'll be dropping into the blog now and again to see how it all goes (and if there's some action I want to join in).


colin darling said...

cheers m'deers

set captives free ~ Paul & Barny ~ traffik stop said...

After the performances on 27th and 28th March Channel 5 braodcast an update.

What a journey this group of young people have been on!

It has been wonderful to see them journey towards greater confidence, and maturity, and to see them discovering gifts, and abilities.